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Hey guys

I put together this photodiary for the guys in my local forum, but I figured you guys would be interested too.

So anyway, without further ado, here's some pics of the Autosalon today. As before, a little caveat: I'm a terrible photographer and as you will see, the crowds were unreal and so given that I take pretty hopeless pics at the best of times, well let's just say the conditions were not ideal :) I couldn't take pics of all the things I wanted and often the crowds were so thick that I simply took pics where I had a clear shot at something.

There were a few nice MX5s there (not that many but a few) but all those shots didn't come out at all, as a lot of my pics didn't since it's so crowded that you get constantly jostled, etc and if you do manage to stand far back enough to capture the whole car, 25ppl will walk past just as you press the shutter :D

But I hope that this gives an idea of what it was like to be there!

First off is the obligatory JDM vending machine goodness: corn soup in a can :) This was actually really nice, as good as you get in a chinese restaurant although it was a bit odd when you got to the bottom and all this corn starts to come out...

As you walk from the station (Kaihin Makuhari), you can pass thru the car park, which always has interesting cars:

How many nice cars can you see in this shot?

The autosalon takes place in this huge hump-backed convention centre here:

Buy your ticket (about $22) and the anticipation becomes overwhelming!

All the stands have things for sale, and it can be as minimal as t-shirts and stickers, to say, VIP Teddy Bears at the Fabulous stand....$40 soft toys!

Check out the crowds! Unreal....

For those who think 10in screens just aren't good plasma TV!

...which was in this van....this was actually a very popular style of VIP van, the middle row of seats would be removed, and the rearmost row of seats converted to plush armchairs. The space vacated in the middle would be used for flip down screens (or a plasma!) or even a screen for a projector. In all cases its very plushly upholstered, even down to marble tiles on the floor.

VIP goodness

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Ralliart Colt at the Mitsu stand:

Gorgeous matched pair of Toyota/Nissan drift sedans:

The first one's a Toyota Chaser, with a 2JZ:

The other's a Nissan Laural with an SR20:

At Autosalon....all cars have dish

VIP Van in cabin bling

That's the cabin of this van:

All-carbon pannelled Lambo Murcie GT racer

Why, hello there!

22s on a Merc CL at the Fabulous really have to be an actual VIP to afford this!

Ferraris also get the VIP treatment at Fabulous

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How horn does this look?

All the big mfg stands had a stage act where the promo girls came out to do a little routine and the Mitsu one was particularly elaborate, with girls in tubes and stuff:

Here's a vid:

...and another one:

When you wander around TAS the inescapable conclusion is that the blokes who attend TAS do so for the girls first and the cars second. Check out the throngs of gusy with cameras whenever the promo girls come out! In fact that is the only time you get a clear shot at the cars, when the girls come out the blokes go running...

FD+Re Amemiya = Touge heaven :D

This looks a bit dodgy...

...but the whole car is pretty extreme

New CRV with optional "Modulo" bodykit....eew.

Civic Hybrid racer

Honda Promo Girl

Mugen Project S2000

Not sure if I like the Accord-esque nose

Yokomo had a cool stand demonstrating their drift RC cars:

Here's a small vid (this is SO cool):

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By the way this will give you an idea of the scale of TAS:

This is one of the 3 pavilions, so this is only a 1/3 of it....

Hello Kitty....Raybrig Edition!

This is as comfy as it looks...


Dished Watanabe goodness....Hibino's AE86 D1 racer

This I would say is quite low....Mode Parfum stand


Oh my goodness....LOW!!

Mode Parfum market air suspension kits:

It was roughly at this point where I thought "screw the Teins, the Luce will get airbags"....Mode Parfum in action

Phwoar....Odyssey from hell

Turbocharged too

More good Colt lovin

Defi all in one meter is the shiznit

Phat FD at Uras

...which was doing a brisk trade in the merchandising

Soarer/SC430 GT racer...such an incongrous sight.

Speaking of crowds, this was a live show featuring some sort of all girl singing group....check out the blokes with cameras 20 deep! Ok ok, I am one of them :D

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Distinctive Yashio Factory livery

If you have an SW20.....don't do this to the back.

...and don't do this to the front, either!

By now you're thinking: 500ps S14? Not ANOTHER one :)

Trust Turbo kit for Altezza

Now THIS was nice...ol skool Toyota 18RG engine

In this equally ol skool TA22 Celica...

...which was at the Top Secret stand, and here's Smokey-san



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Tough Mazda3 MPS concept

Black spokes with a painted white lip....on a white Porsche, it works!

RX8 racer at long-time rotary specialists R-Magic

....and as for crap that I bought :)

T-shirts for toddler and Endless baby-gro :D

Misc crap (tissue box cover, Fusa etc) from Junction Produce. Actually I had a bit of luck with them, I bought Y9500 of stuff and gave them a Y10000 note. There was an awful lot of confusion and they gave me Y5000 in change (about $50 instead of $5). So I felt so guilty that I went back and bought even more stuff, including a calendar and mini-fusa mobile fone straps.

...and er...these. Dunno if I'd actually wear them im public but hey, it's a nice souvenir :D

And of course I went crazy buying clothes, keyrings etc at the Mazdaspeed stand!

And that's it! Can't wait until next year :D

Oh's a completely random thing I recorded:

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awesome, that slammed white oddysey is my new desktop wallpaper.

and love the black spokes/white rim on the porsche. If I ever get some wheels with a lip, Im seriusly considering that color combo.

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See if I was there taking pics, I would have the opposite problem.

All the girls would be in focus and the cars would be outa focus.

But thats why I'm single.......

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Wow that is amazing. I would love to attend TAS one day. Thanks for the great pics!

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Outstanding coverage and very entertaining comments!

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