my turbo is finished.....

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pics are on my cardomain... too large to attach here, link is in my sig.... they should be on the last page....
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hmm not showing up for me just yet, but dang thats a big turbo.
awesome....isn't boost fun?
lookin at about 6 psi for the time being... will be turnin it up to around 9 or 10 psi on sunday when I get the car tuned...

here's the setup.... 57 trim T3/T4, Tial external wastegate, custom FMIC and piping, Greddy type-s BOV, Rx-7 460's, Joe-P MBC, and Hydra Nemesis endine management...
With you using the Hydra (real ems), I'm suprised you are messing with the SSautocrome turbo.

Let us know how that IC works though, thats their 3in/out 12xXx3 FMIC right? (XSPower)
Intercooler is workin just fine.... air temps are near ambient... we had to cut the intercooler because it was too big vertically.... It's a pieced together kit.... I bought parts when I came across them... That's the reason for some of the cheaper stuff.

I figure that because the kit is built around the T3/T4... which is a common turbo, If the cheapie XS power snail goes up.... I'll just invest in a more expensive T series with the same size housings... Or throw in a new garett center section...
When you drive do you ever go OH SHI-!! ?
nah... not that fast yet... still workin the bugs out.... and I'm only runnin 6psi right now too
hey airbrush1 your from bel air, im from king george, va. U ever go to MIR. I never see any miatas in my area.
I'll prolly have the miata down at budds creek for the PINKS taping this sunday...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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