Mystery springs

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I'm trying to identify a mystery set of springs that came with a set of Apex'is off ebay. I believe these are Japanese, as they came straight off a freshly imported car. The shocks:

The springs:

At first glance, they look stock, but then the colour codes don't tally with known Mazda codes. Nor do the lengths and number of coils. The longer spring is is 12", and the shorter spring is 10.5", both significantly shorter than stock. The springs appear progressive, which might narrow it down a bit.

So, any ideas?
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Could they be from an R-Package?
Well, they off a JDM Roadster, not Miata. But, in any case, the S-Spec, the R-Package equivalent, I was given to believe rode on stock spec springs (slightly stiffer rears), but rode a little lower due to the spring perch on the Bilsteins being 10mm lower than the Showa shocks.

I got the stock spring specs from:

The ones I have are about 20mm shorter.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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