n00b from Arkansas

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Hey guys....My name is Bill Janczewski, I'm 29yo, married with 2 kids and stationed at Little Rock AFB in Arkansas. Been in the USAF for 11.5yrs now. I'm new to the site, but not to the Miata world. I previously owned a '94 that I used for AutoX toy and did the occasional recreational drifting when I needed a stress relief. Earlier this year, I moved to Alaska and was forced to sell her. Well, long story short, I'm back from AK and am now living in Arkansas, again. Since my return, I recently purchased a '99 Miata Sport and it's pretty much stock except for the HDS Roll bar.
I'm looking forward to modding it and setting her up the way I want her. I got some pretty big plans for her, but it's all over the next few years. Anywho, I'm looking forward to learning alot from here...We'll be seeing ya's around the board!

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You know, I really need to take some photos of the car. I've got a few friends here that haven't even seen it yet. I'll try to get her washed up and some pics taken this week. Not promising anything though as I'm back and forth between my house and the Children's hospital everyday...
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