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Hey everyone. I made a couple smaller posts but never did a real intro. I have a current pic of my car (green NB1 with black storm s1’s on bottom) and a sad pic of what happened to my first NB1 along with a few photos of it before the sadness. The guy was drunk and crossed four lanes of traffic and hit the only parked car there that was unfortunately mine. After that my hardtop got stolen. But even after that I can’t get out of these cars lol.

Mod list for my current NB1:
Meister R Clubrace coilovers
15x8 Advanti Storm s1
Carbonmiata “Monster Spoiler”
OEM Hard top
eBay roof spoiler
Hard dog double diagonal m2 roll bar
Hard dog harness bar
Bride low max seats (replicas for now it’s a daily)
Takata harness on driver’s side
Daikei “Boss” hub
NRG quick release
MOMO Monte Carlo 350mm steering wheel
C’s short shifter
Mishimito shift knob
Racing beat 4:1 header
Enthuza XR Lightweight
DIY intake (ordered the DDM Works stage 2)

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I have. Squaretop manifold in my room that needs to go on along with a trackdog airsplitter. But yeah!

Thanks for having me!


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