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Modern Hazard Switches

  • Made by Garage Brisco. Sold by
  • First and only custom button/switch panel that features an illuminated OEM pop-up/retractor symbol
  • Aluminum mounting plates
  • Hazard symbol illuminates red when lights are on
  • Pop-up/retractor symbol illuminates white when lights are on
  • Dims / brightens with the dimmer switch
  • Plug and play install

This is a fun and new product to the market. This is the first product from Garage Brisco, the business belonging to my buddy Brian. The switches are sold exclusively through the revlimiter Store.

Switches come in NA6 (flat dashboard with no passenger airbag) and NA8 (curved dashboard with the passenger airbag) versions. This lets them fit all NA Miatas.

The switches also come with either silver/polished or black/plastic buttons. Both types light up with the headlights.

These are in the store now and are ready for ordering.
Garage Brisco Modern Hazard Switches
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