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I decided to take the NA8 I bought back to the original look from the low-profile. I did my research, got some oem brackets, HELLA H4 lamps and some bulbs.

I then pulled out my trusty Chilton's guide and followed the instructions to a T. Put the headlights up, Disconnected the battery, disconnected the motor terminal (from the passenger side) then swapped the parts over. I then cranked the headlight down manually.

When I reconnected the battery and the retractor motor, the headlight went up, then down, then back up a quarter of the way and stuck there.

When I went to do the second lamp, I didn't disconnect the retractor motor and it is operating normally. Up and down with the center switch. But the passenger side is off timing wise.

Lights go up, lights go down. Just not at the same time.

Have any of you experienced this? What causes it? And how can I fix it without just keeping one headlight disconnected?
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