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Finally finished my winter project. Creating a DIY youtube videos for removing and refinishing a NA Miata dash using iMovie. What better subject than a personal passion in my life at this moment. After much research on the internet for a couple of years and lots of ideas from many miata forums I finally decided to do this project.

The videos were taking over the summer last year and the everything was put together in iMovie. It was an opportunity to finally learn this program and was a project to occupy my time while the Miata sits in the garage over the winter. I've tried to make it short and entertaining without too much of watching me "do" something for long periods of time. I used my RHD car, yet basically all the instructions apply to LHD dashes as well.

I've always been more of a visual person. I believe parts of these videos can be used to help assist in answering some of those questions which involve dashes and dash removal.

Here are the links to the videos and I hope you will enjoy. Thx!

Part 1 - Removal

Part 2 - Refinish

Part 3 - Install/Extras
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