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I was made aware of DanDak LED lights, DanDak sequential , by another forum member and really liked his products and the one that I wanted to get sooner than later was the LED 3rd brake light which I got a custom version but more on that in another thread.

Dan also offers a really nice interior light kit, MX-5 NB interior light kit ,which consist of a center LED light custom made by him with x9 LED's and side LED lights(with x6 LED's) that replace the sun visors.

I personally use my sun visors so the full kit wasn't for me but that center LED light was a welcome addition. I opted for the 5700K option(Dan offers 7 options, ranging from 2700K to 6500K) as it would be the whitest with a slight blue hue like daylight on a clear day.

I placed the order on Jan. 23, 2019 and Dan had it shipped out on the 27th and I received it Feb. 4th which was pretty awesome considering it was coming from Lithuania! Here it is:

As you can tell from the pics it is a well built and has connectors to plug in the two side lights so that is a plug and play affair. Here it is installed so you can get a idea of fitment which is snug but no issues:

I also decided to go ahead and order a clear dome lens which is a Mitsubishi OEM part(#MR951527) that fits the NA/NB dome light(Dan sells this as a add on for about $9.77USD and i paid $13 shipped, lens is only about $5 online but shipping, so should have ordered from Dan).

Mitsubishi clear lens vs OEM tinted lens

Here is the OEM tinted lens with a incandescent bulb(which are normally around 3k):

Now the clear lens with the same incandescent bulb:

Finally the clear lens with DanDak LED dome light(5700K):

As you can see it is a SUBSTANTIAL difference in terms of brightness and light color. For some direct comparison here is a picture with the DanDak LED light and foot well lights with incandescent bulbs(larger version than the dome light):

The DanDak LED dome light pretty much "drowns out" the foot well lights so I just disconnected them until I get some LED bulbs to replace them. I took a picture of the DanDak LED dome light with the OEM tinted lens but in the pic you couldn't actually tell a difference and in person it is slightly dimmer but mostly it changes the look of the light output.

I am really happy with the DanDak LED dome light as it puts out SO MUCH light and for about $16, I don't think you could do better in terms of light output and I always like supporting small businesses. Here are a few pics taken at night(10PM CST) in a parking lot with surrounding lights to show just how bright it is.

This is approx. 25ft away, zoomed in.

This is approx. 25ft away, zoomed out.

This is approx. 100ft away, zoomed in, under a parking lot light(i think it was LED, so it is bright).

This is approx. 100ft away, zoomed out, under a parking lot light(i think it was LED, so it is bright).

I guess this isn't a review without "rating" the product, customer service, etc. so I will rate each category 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest rating.

Product-5: I really think this is a well built LED unit that has been well thought out, executed and about as bright as one could hope for without needing sunglasses.

Customer Service-5: Dan really provided excellent customer service, shipping quickly, answering emails within 24-48hrs(the former most of the time and keep in mind there is a 8hr time difference) and I think this aspect shouldn't be taken lightly since there is a language barrier to overcome which was a issue on occasion but Dan was patient and friendly despite this.

Overall Experience-5: I really have a lot of respect for entrepreneurs and small business owners especially when it is only a part time endeavor and Dan never once made me feel like I was anything less than his number one priority.

I don't think I am the best at reviews but I hope this helps others make a more informed decision. I welcome any questions or aspects that you might want clarified.
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