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NA and NB Miata dual rear caliper mod is now available, these knuckles will allow you to bolt on any other factory miata (NA/NB) rear brake caliper or any other aftermarket caliper made for your make. Like all of our product's these tab's are TIG welded, and we go back over them with another pass to put more surface weld on, This insures the maximum amount of strength.

The purpose of bolting on another caliper is for drifting, when you pull the factory E-brake it either won't work or it is not responsive, by running a second caliper per corner you can now run a hydrolic E-brake, this will make your new E-brake just as responsive as your foot pedal brake.

Price is $320.00 for the mod, that means until 8/1/14 the price is only $270.00. Our knuckles will come with an optional energy suspension knuckle bushing for extra $40.00, all knuckles will be sent with no bearings or hub's.

We can install two different brands of bearings, (standard $100.00 ) or (national 150.00)

a core charge of 150.00 will be added, but refunded once we get your old knuckles back within 2 weeks.

We have 5 set's of NA knuckles and one set of NB knuckles, we are working on getting more this week to ship out Friday!
Please call or email to place your order, [email protected] / (949)374-3005

we were going to do a group buy but, we have already reached 5 people, so we will be doing this price until 8/1/12.

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