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these are the ONLY parts i have left so please dont ask if i have anything else.

-1.8 intake pipe (modified to make it look a little cleaner, sealed very well though) $50
-OEM pressure plate. has alot of miles left on it $30
-driver door with a little damage and some bondo, no window or regulator or motor $50
-1.8 motor mounts with metal housing $50
-AC pump some AC piping will be included $60
-cruise control from 1.6 $40
-intake tubing $10
-rear diff brace from a 96, will not fit 90-94 $50
-1.6 cat (needs to be unbolted or cut from the pipe it's attached to) $20 plus shipping
-engine harness from 1.8 $20
-1.8 throttle body $40
-1.6 throttle body (does not have ICVS) $20
-1.6 calipers (fronts only) $20 each
-1.6 rotors $10 each
-airbag sensors $40
-seat belt brackets $10 each
-centerconsole $10 cracked
-headlight $10
-door handle $10
-6" speakers $5 each, $10 for the sony
-side panels, not cut for hardtop or harness bar, no scratches and still in good shape $40
-2 sets of spark plug wires (other set not shown) $10 a set
-top of door frame covers? good condition (pic below) $20
1.8 door speaker cover (not sure which side it's for) $5
Newer power steering pump belt (I think lol) $5
Radiator fan $15
Windshield wipers and arms $15
1995 owners manual and black leather case $10
(1) turn signal harness $5


Im in the seattle/tacoma WA area

pics on request or take a look at my craigslist ad


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no idea on mileage, and i think it does.. one of the TB's does the other doesnt so ill have to check.
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