(NA) Randall Cowl or JR-CAI?

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i am stupid about that question:

if it ake a new randall-cowl-intake from fm, i will have to pay 212$ for the intake with shipping and paypal-fee and than when it arrives 16% import-fee and 3%custom-fee, that would be 254$ or 200?

on the other side i could get a jacksonracing cai (used but in very good condition) at the same price, i mean 200? or 254$ or 136 pounds sterling (its from the u.k and therefore i don´t have to pay any custom or import-fee cause its in europe,too)

now i dont know whats better to, a new randall or a used jackson? plz help me
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not the answer you are looking for, but save your money. CAI adds like 3 hp. You'll never be able to tell. Put your money into your suspension or brakes. ...or a turbo. ;)
I would go for the JacksonRacing Cai. Clean the filter or just buy a new one.
You can make your own randall cowl with your stock intake box.
so i´ve done ;)

i just have ordered a set of racingbeat-swaybars and the nice fatcatmotorsport mounts & bumps and will make me a randall-like-cai for my own at first,more will be taken in a few months, i want to let my engine na, in the winter a little headwork, a rb-header, jr-cat and a stainless catback with to pipes in the middle :roll:
Dumping the stock air box and snrokle and putting on a cone filter is worth a few HP by itself. You don't get the ram air effect, but it's a worthwhile mod, and cheap if you make your own bracket.
i'd go with the randall. i don't like the idea of cutting a hole in my firewall but if it's power you're after, the randall is probably the best. i think FM claims 14HP increase and i think they even have the dyno charts to prove it.

as with any intake, take into consideration of

1. what kind of air it will be pulling in. hot or cold? cold air is more compressed so you get more bang in the cylinders. so stay away from intakes that locate the filter right next to the exhaust manifold! the thing gets hot super quick and is just an inefficient design on the part of the manufactuer.

2. how many twists and bends does it take before it gets to the throttle body? the more turns the air has to make, the more chance the air will get hot in the tube and expand. thus creating a backup where your intake can't suck in as much air as it can.

3. what kind of material is the tubing made from? metal heats quickly so you might want to invest in a heat sheild for the intake or better yet, a heat sheild for the exhaust manifold.
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I recently installed a Randall on my 97'. I had no problem with cutting a hole in cowl... it's paid for :)

I don't know how much hp it added, 14 seems a bit of a stretch. I do know that the car pulls harder to redline and I don't have to do as many 3rd to 2nd shifts when hitting the Dragon with some zest. I started with a Ansa Silverline cat back first but judging by the SOP, the Randall definitly added to the experience. YMMV.
As a bonus, the cowl induction setups sound pretty sweet too.
As a bonus, the cowl induction setups sound pretty sweet too.
I can't really hear it over the exhaust but damnb if your car isn't deja vu.
I actually really like my Monsterflow intake I got from Goodwin Racing. $189
lucky guy - you have the 1.8
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