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I picked up a trailer about a month ago from a friend in our Miata club. It's the 4 foot Harbor Freight one. The trailer needed some work, new wiring and cleanup, but the price was right - free. I fixed it up and it's now ready to go on the road.

Now came the wiring issue. I read up on the options for wiring trailer lights to the Miata.
In the garage section of was a set of instructions using a tail light convertor. Only problem with this is you have to cut the factory wiring.
Then I came across a review of the Hobby 43756 harness. According to the review, it's a plug and play with the NA Miata. The harness is for the 1985 - 1993 Mazda pickup.

Off to Hoppy's web site, I found that harness was gone, replaced with Hoppy harness 43755. After some searching I found it on Amazon for $35.

Next I went to eBay. I searched for mazda trailer wiring and found this one - Trailer Wiring Kit DIY '85-'93 Mazda Pickups NEW.
Buy it now was only $11.99, so I ordered.

The harness arrived yesterday and truely is a plug and play option. The stock plugs for the NA tail lights unplug and plug into the convertors plugs.

Installation took me about 30 minutes because I chose to hide the convertor behind the trim panel and had to pull my storage bags.

Hope this helps those that haven't done a trailer wiring job yet!!
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