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Do the Nakamae M2-1028 style door panels work with manual window lifts? All the pics I see have a cutout for the door lever, two holes for the pull strap, a speaker hole, and optional map pocket. Is it possible to use these panels with manual window lifts or should I just upgrade to power window lifts? How would I go about cutting a hole for the window crank so that I don't cause irrepairable damage to the vinyl upholstery? If I do have to upgrade to power windows now might be the time to do it since my driver side manual window regulator is very stiff when rolling up and in need of eventual replacement. The window is stiff only when rolling up, not when rolling down - I checked and the tracks are clear.

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Kyle, when Randy-san (PhatMiata) decided to go with the Nakamae door panels, he had already converted to power windows having bought an LE interior from me. The interior came off of a wrecked LE that I had bought to part out.

Anyway, I would suggest converting. You don't wanna mess up those door panels!

If you need help, let me know as I have done the conversion several times!

Alternatively, you could request Nakamae-san make you a pair for manual windows, but you'll have to wait for him to make them!

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Drop Nakamae-san and email, he replies in English and is very helpful.

I am sure he could easily do a manual version of the panel and probably has patterns to do this.

He produces 99% of his items to order anyway so waiting should not be a problem, I have got a set in NA tan and am very pleased with them .... however they are pretty expensive for what they are
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