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Ok,.. I have fitted an NB MK2 1.8 Engine into my NA 1.8 (Reason being, it was low on compression and I got the MK2 engine, box, diff, shafts, ECU etc for cheap and its in good condition) - The NB engine + box is currently now fitted. This is the non VVT version.

First problem was the exhaust manifold.
NA = 4 to 1
NB = 4-2-1

So because the exhaust was for the NA I swapped the manifold. Easy job, other than the NB has an EGR pipe? From the exhaust to the inlet...

Second problem. Because at the time we didnt have anything to blank the EGR on the inlet we swapped the inlet manifold. So it currently has an NA inlet on the NB head. Im running red injectors from the NB (afaik - A friend of mine set up the fuel rail / inlet) All was well and plugged up.. then last night we noticed a gap on each port.. HOW we missed this,.. I have no idea.

SO.. the manifold will need swapped again for the NB inlet.. which leaves me some questions..

1. wtf do I do about the VICS? Iam not using or planning, on changing the wiring harnesses.
2. There is a VICS plug thing on the back of the inlet manifold.. can I leave this?

3. Is there anything else to do with the VICs i need to sort out?
4. The EGR.. Iam getting a blanking plate made as I type this out.. like this.

What about the plug though?.......

5. Do I need to change my throttle body over from the NA inlet manifold.

This.. is just what I can think of at the moment.. im 25 miles from car in work and back at this when im done.

Hope you guys can help me out here.. :) Thanks.

<3s Malaking Puwit.
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You can use the header from the NA 1.8, since the block to header flanges are the same, and you won't have to deal with the flange to the cat not lining up. Use the NB Intake manifold because of the reasons you stated.

1) VICs can be left unplugged/hooked up. Its a solenoid that is powered by vacuum once it hits a certain RPM. range (I think its around 5400 RPM range) If your going to be staying NA, or going turbo later on its recommended to hook up the RPM switch. There are some that remove the VICs butterflies all together.

2)You can take it off for now if your looking for a cleaner engine bay.

3)Not unless you want a functioning VICs, you can leave it as is and just cap off the actuator arm near the throttle body.

4) If your getting plugs for the EGR, then you don't really need to worry about it. You can leave it unplugged. If you decide to keep it though. If your keeping emissions, just swap over the NA EGR valve and tube. The tube will need to be manipulated to fit, but its not very hard at all.

5)1.8 TB bolts right on.
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