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Stainless E.Windows Panel with vintage toggle switches replacing the OEM windows switch panel on MK2/MK2.5 MX5s.
Brushed stainless steel finish for the surround and custom made decorative bezel nuts and protectors or black powdercoated stainless version is available as well. Perfect fit and center console integration, matching all Jass Performance interior stainless products. With laser engraved el. windows switch labels or mirror polished laser cut directional plate for the black version.
The unit comes with OEM connector for quick plug and play installation. Smart fixing system prevents the appearance of the bolts at its front and it integrates into both MK2 and MK2.5 centre consoles and no cut/rewiring is needed.
As the OEM switch is know to be part of the "slow windows" problem, replacing it can helps resolving the problem.

Versions for NB and NBFL panels are available.
The MK2 vintage toggle panels work fine on the mk2 (LHD or RHD models) 1998-2000, they are a direct replacement for the NC11 and N053 switches (N053 has an auto function on the r/h window, otherwise is the same as the NC11).
The MK2.5 version work fine on the MK2.5 OEM switches on models after 2001, but to make fully sure, their modul codes N066, NC87 & NC92 (RHD with auto on r/h window) or NC72 (LHD with auto on l/h window).
The modul codes can be found on the switch panels. There is no need to remove the centre console to have a check, as they clip in. Light push and lift from the rear takes them out of the centre console.
The switch doesnt implement the auto function, found on some models.

All versions are available for 112$ + postage (worldwide).
Please contact me with your address details for a best quote.
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