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Well I figured since the forum is up, I should post up a build thread for my miata.

Up until this point here is my mod list:

Custom cold side intake
Tomei Heat wrapped header(because why not?)
Skunk2 upgraded throttle body
GarageStar oil cap
GarageStar Bolt kit
GarageStar Radiator cooling plate
Mishimoto Radiator hoses
Koyorad Vrad radiator
Project Mu Reservoir cover
RSpeed hood struts
Ceramic coated Intake manifold
K&N Crank Case Breather filter
RSpeed Plug Wires
ARP Head Studs
Wire Tuck
Retains all factory emissions

Morimoto 5000k HID’s
Retrofit Source HID Relay harness
Custom Painted housings
Luminics JDM Yellow Fogs

GarageStar License plate bracket

Personal Grinta 330mm Steering Wheel
Voodoo Shift Knob
Kenwood Headunit
Foamectomy done to drivers side seat

Enthuza Speeder

Prototype ISC N1 Coilovers
Whiteline front sway bar
Whiteline front Endlinks
Whiteline Rear Endlinks
Racing Beat sway bar blocks

Coming this year:
Carbotech Bobcat pads
Centric Premium Rotors
Goodridge Stainless Lines
Flyin Miata Happymeal clutch
Flyin Miata 10lb flywheel
Miata Roadster short throw
Mazdaspeed motor mounts

If money allows:
Work CR-01’s
BFG Rivals
Garage Vary front lip

How the car started:

How it is now:

Minus the koyorad

Pictures of the build:

Testing out the new dyno cell when the shop moved. 105whp of fury.

Got the headlights painted by Lights by TT

New Enthuza Speeder compared to stock. A little weight reduction?


I work in a shop, it was an impulse buy, sue me haha

Start of the teardown

**** thats a lot of wires o_O

Everything through the access hole, it’s like it was made for a wire tuck

Intake test 1, it didn’t fit

Ah much better, all nice and wrapped

How we routed everything

Passenger side, before and after cleaning. Was re-preped with sharkskin

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Not clean enough

Relays and wires set

Test 2, still doenst fit

Wires behind the headlight


UGH header was ugly

What a mess haha

ISC Test fit

New end links

Front suspension

Running the main harness

Stock ignition setup

New head studs, and villa doom

Getting there

New blocks in place

Pulled off for washing and to ship off the Sansossio’s

First update from Phil

Hand painted lettering “NEVER AGAIN” - Phil

Tear down for a rebuild of all the gaskets etc and to make sure the engine is in good shape. It was MINT.

Got the VC back

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Slapped the stock header back on, because.

Back in

Looks perfect

VC and New oil cap

New hoses and almost done

New lighting installed

Skunk2 vs OEM

Lui’s vs mine

Electrical troubles, Fuel harness was arching, didn’t even touch it -_-

All went well for a bit

Got new fronts from ISC, new backs this winter, and stiffer springs.

After a detailing

Off to her first show, Miata Day

All together at Miata Day, took home 2nd place NB

Photo by Aaron at caffeine and octane

Playing with lighting after work

Stock rad failed, how to fit things in a miata trunk

Late night swapping radiators with Lui

Koyorad in

Off to japanese car day

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Mazda parking lol

Pre winter De-salting

And where she is now, skinny kid at fat camp :D

Lots to come in the next 2 months.

Special thanks to Lui Rivera/Wankel Works for all his help so far, couldn’t do it without him.
Everyone at Kaizen Tuning.
Joe Vesci @ T14
Everyone at ISC
Ken @ Garagestar
Phil @ Sansossio Auto Body

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Excellence. Written all over this build so far. Please do this to mine.

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Actually ran without for the summer. Huge risk but was diligent about checking fluid levels and keeping an eye on temps. Working with my shops fabrication department on making a coolant/washer reservoir that will sit in the rain tray and run the lines up the fender.

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I saw this car at Larz Anderson last year - very clean and understated build (which is what I like!). Great build. Hopefully I'll have my '90 done* for this years show as the recent influx of owners willing to mod their miatas has made it a bit more interesting.



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Figured I should update this with whats going on in the next couple of weeks.

Rebuilt ISC's are on their way:

10k front 7k rear swift springs, with a shorter rear front spring, and shorter front and rear shafts.

57dr's 15x8 +28 wrapped in 225 toyo R1R's

Also ordered a Miata Roadster short throw, FM Clutch Happy meal w/ 13lb flywheel, centric premium rotors, carbotech bobcats and good ridge stainless lines. Also some mazda competition motor mounts and hella horns(mainly because my stock one failed)

Also have a hard dog hoop that I'm having made into a custom roll bar.

Now just need to get a front lip and get things painted.

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I started drooling when I first joined this forum, I haven't stopped since. Car is beautiful, can't wait to see it in the 57dr's

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so here's an update with the wheels on:

Also installed my FM Stage 1 and 13lb flywheel and miata roadster short shifter as well as a Garagestar rain try cover.

Next will be a front lip which should finish up the exterior for now. I'll get some more updated pictures when I can.

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Great job, that wire tuck looks incredible! Look forward to your progress! :icon_cheers:

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Thanks for the kind words guys! I really need to post an updated picture with the GS Wiper cowl cover.

Couple pictures from the weekend:

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