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We picked up this piece for my girlfriends NC recently, and wanted to give it a quick run down since a lot of people were asking about it on Instagram etc (@dillontonsiracing) (@erintcosta)

Here is the car it is going on....

And here we go, lets check out the box! Quick shipping from Enjuku, exhaust arrived way before we even had a free minute to install it!

Open it up, to find the Muffler Delete, Gasket, and some nice injection molded packing!

So first things first, lets get the booty of the car up in the air, luckily we have access to a lift to make our lives easier, but you'll want to get it up high enough on jack stands to poke around under there.

Spray those hangers with some Penetrating Lubricant, WD40, PB Blaster, soap, whatever you have sitting around, to get them nice and loosened up.

Same goes with the nuts on the back of the muffler, there are two of them, one on either side. They have both been baking on there for 100k plus miles, so lube em up!

If you have access to air tools, a 3/8 impact and a 14mm will zap the exhaust nuts right off, or a ratchet and some strong forearms can get you the same results.

Now lets pull off the nuts, drop the hangers, and remove that heavy old stock exhaust.

And you'll end up with something like this...

Now pick up that shiny, light weight new exhaust, and be careful not to bonk yourself in the head with it, because it only weights a few pounds!

You will need a little 14mm Nut and Bolt Combo, roughly around 25-30mm in length, to fasten the exhaust, as the stock studs are welded to the factory muffler that you are removing.

Now place your gasket and muffler up onto the vehicle, and feed the bolts through and fasten them with the nuts on the other side, veerrrrry simple.

Grab your 14mm ratchet and give them a quick tighten down. Now admire your work ;)

This was by far the easiest / coolest / most cost effective mod we have done to this car. It takes literally 20 minutes to swap to this muffler delete, you could even do it at the track on the ground!

The sound is great, its a nice low deep tone, not raspy at all, and very smooth. I am charging my GoPro now so we can get a few sound clips!

If you have a 2006-2015 NC MX5, make this absolutely the first mod you do. Drops over 20 lbs and gains over 20 cool points.

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I bet the drone on that thing is horrendous. Looks cool though!
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