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The long wait is over. We are now accepting pre-orders for the first batch of NC Xida shocks shipping out December 21, 2021. Shocks are here, mounts arriving in a week or two.

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NCX will be offered in two variants, same exact shock and valving for both.
Both options ship fully assembled with our BCM (billet coaxial mounts).
3 year warranty. Front and rear shock boots included.
As with all Xidas, the single damping adjustment affects both rebound and compression in a carefully staged, non-linear slope that is unique front and rear.

Touring 280/224 (5/4kg) Swift springs with helpers
Race 616/392 (11/7kg) Swift springs with helpers. Race rear employ a triple spring set up.

You have questions, we have answers
The product page has a ton of info, including basic set up, sway bars options, etc.
Shoot us an email [email protected] or call 949-716-3111 if you have any questions
NC Xida coilovers Miata MX5

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Xida rear shock length is about 20mm shorter than OEM. That gives them about 23mm more wheel bump travel than OEM. So if you lower your car 20mm, you will still have the same bump travel as OEM. Achieving this target while retaining the damping profile, adjustment range and low NVH was largely why it took so darn long to get them ready for production.

Its eye opening to be able to drive around 1” below stock, hit a steep driveway at 20mph angled at 45°, catch a little air and not bottom the suspension or tires. And that’s on Touring springs. While we don’t recommend doing that, it’s one of the basic tests we do during development and is just a small corner of their performance envelope.

Ride heights in this composite image, from top to bottom:
Max bump is about 63mm pinch weld
Min recommended ride height is 125~130mm
Max recommended ride height is 165, shown in this photo. Although they'll adjust as high as 180mm if you want to rallycross or something.
Max droop shown here is around 215~230mm

Yes folks, that's 6.5" of functional wheel travel
At one inch lower than OEM, you still have almost 3" of bump travel
The days of smashing your kidneys over every little bump are over

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