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Hi guys, need a lookup in Hyper Rev 1 or 2, I need the spring rates of the old Tanabe springs (black). Don't remember what they were called sorry.

Also the specs/rates of the Mazdaspeed coilovers for the NA (blue and gold).



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All the tanabe springs are shown in black so here are the different types.
Tanabe hs200
F2.8k R2.4k

Tanabe circuit spec
F4.0k, 5.2K R3.3k, 4.5k

Tanabe super h
F3.4k R3.2k

Tanabe super down preceded
F2.7k R2.2k

I did not see any blue & gold mazdaspeed coilovers in my hyper rev #2.

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Thanks guys!!! :mrgreen:

Consolidating MS coilover info here for future reference:

The shocks are manufactured by KYB, but they are not the AGX's. It should have the KYB name stamped right on the shocks! From there on it gets confusing. Mazdaspeed revised the coilovers at least twice (maybe more times than that).

My '94 Mazdaspeed catalog has the following spec's on the coilovers:
fr shock 9E1A 34 700: L1=460mm L2=345mm C=335mm
rr shock 9E1A 28 700: L1=380mm L2=254mm C=244mm
fr spring 9E1A 34 011: L=165mm K=13K
rr spring 9E1A 28 011: L=145mm K=11K
(The 94 catalog also list some spectacularly short-bodied coilovers for N1 racing- but I don't think you have those )

The 2000 Mazdaspeed catalog lists the NA coilovers under one part number QEP6 30 001. The specs are as follows:
fr shock: L1=459mm L2=339mm C=329mm
rr shock: L1=371mm L2=251mm C=241mm
fr spring: L=253.3mm rate=3.7kg/mm & 4.0kg/mm
rr spring: L=279.7mm rate=2.4kg/mm & 2.6kg/mm
(2 spring rates are listed due to progressive springs)

Also you probably notice this already- the bump stops (which is critical in these discussions) are also shorter than stock and softer too. Alas there is no listed specs for them.

L1=fully extended length from top mount point to bottom bolt hole center.
L2=fully compressed length from top mount point to bottom bolt hole center
C=case length from top of shock body to bottom bolt hole center
L=free length of spring
FR shock - 9EP6 34 700
RR shock - 9EP6 28 700

FR spring - 9EP6 34 011
RR spring - 9EP6 28 011

OK, I looked up the Mazdaspeed touring kit catalog from Dec '97, and it lists the coilovers under the unified part number 9EP 30 001. So maybe that's the one! (BTW all Mazdaspeed coilovers from 97 and on all look alike- blue body w/ gold springs and single allen bolt spring seat. The earlier coilovers had the 2 piece jam nut style seats.)

Specs for the 9EP 30 001:
front: rate=2.91kg/mm & 4.0kg/mm; damping force= 270-330kgf rebound, 40-60kgf compress

rear: rate=2.09kg/mm & 2.60kg/mm; damping force= 250-320kgf rebound, 40-60kgf compress

The adj range is listed as +10mm -> -45mm. No physical dimensions are given. Note that the damping force numbers and the adj range numbers are identical with the 2000 spec. Only the spring rates are slightly different.
Amzing! The answer was on dot net! Who'da thunk it? :mrgreen:


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