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well the motor is comin apart in the next week or so... :shock: Was really unexpected..... as I didn't even get it out of my driveway with the new turbo setup and 4 grand in parts and engine management.... which really sucks, really really sucks (*,)

so I figure I'll take the downtime to make some changes.... thicker headgasket to lower the compression a bit, ARP studs, clutch and flywheel, and a re-fresh of the shortblock (used) that FM is sending me this week.

I've heard that HKS has a headgasket that's 2mm thick, but it runs about 200 bucks... anyone know where I can get it cheaper? or of a comparable alternative???

Anyone know of any FI cams for the miata????

A cheaper alternative to FM's Clutch "happy meal" (the price doesn't make me happy at all)?????

And most importantly.... Any cool beans JDM parts I should add while the motor is out???
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