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Is it just one side (not both sides) that is not working? If this is the case, you've either got a break in the positive wire before it reaches the light, a bad ground, or a burned out bulb (which is the most likely of the three).

You can test for a break in the positive wire by using a test-light or voltmeter when the for lamp switch is turned on. (Test between the pigtail and a known ground point--any exposed bolt on the chassis should work.)

I'm not sure what type of bulb the NBs use for the fog lamp. If it is an H3 style bulb, it should ground at the chassis where the fog lamp bolts to the car. There is usually a short jumper wire from the bulb mount to the housing of the fog lamp, so ensure that this is not damaged. If it is a two-prong bulb (and assuming that the circuit is wired power>relay>lamp>chassis), you can check the continuity of the negative wire to chassis using an ohm-meter, similarly to how you tested for voltage on the positive wire. If you have infinite resistance or extremely high resistance, you have a bad ground.

EDIT: I just re-read the original post.
Your headlight and fog are BOTH out on the driver's side? Not sure how the NB is wired and I don't feel like digging up a wiring schematic, but my first inclination is to think that there is a connector that has been damaged or unplugged which feeds power and ground to the lamps on the driver side. It probably crosses over from the passenger side to the driver side along the front edge of the car (near the radiator). Unfortunately, I don't have much first-hand experience with the NB models though.
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