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so i am lucky in the moment with my new setup and my alignment, i have a very comfortable ride, no more shocks into my bones (and the curvy mountain roads in the spessart are not even flat;))

but in about one week or so i will have ride about 1000miles and the konis and the springs will have settle-down finished, though i will have an alignment again

the actuall is ok but not perfect, i miss the gocart-feelin ;) its all ok, good cornering, good steering and so on, but how i said, i want the feeling like driving on of these little flat karts, schuhmacher started with and i know there are numbers i could give my mechanic so i could have this feelin in my smurf ;)

sorry, i forgot my ride-height: front 11,80" rear 12,20"

here my actually numbers (hope you could understand them though they are in german), please help me to get a better alignment:
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