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first of all im in the tacoma/seattle area. I no longer have a miata and I really need to make room in my storage unit. Ive listed a few things below with pics but i have quite a bit more than whats listed!

give me $60 and everything is yours!

or if you're out of the area and would like something pm me and ill give you a shipped price

1.8 intake pipe (modified to make it look a little cleaner, sealed very well though)
OEM pressure plate. has alot of miles left on it
driver door with a little damage and some bondo, no window or regulator or motor
1.8 motor mounts with metal housing
AC pump some AC piping will be included
cruise control from 1.6
rear diff brace from a 96, will not fit 90-94
1.6 cat
engine harness from 1.8
1.8 throttle body
1.6 throttle body
1.6 calipers (fronts only)
1.6 rotors
airbag sensors

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