Need your input Guys!!

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i am kinda new in the mazda scene and i have to admit iam getting addicted to it, iam trying to get some info on what kind of stand alone computer can i ran on a turbo set up ? iam so use to tunning a Nissan's that i spend alot of time reading some of your posts and learing about Mazda's .. i must admit that it has alot of potentials and room fro growth. So my question is with all your trial and error what is a good set up for a stand alone computer.

1. Links
2. Hydra
3. Autotronix ( race pack )
4. AEM

would like too know info ... on the positive and negative imput of this set up .. thanks guys !!

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Well, Link is a popular choice as Flyin Miata has done a lot of Software work on it so it's very mature, It has all the features you need for a miata and it's as close as you get to plug and play.

Thr Hydra is new and not as well supported. but will be down the line as it seems to be FM's new favorite.

The AEM is less known for miatas but it is one of the best out there. All those 9 second Supras that run it can't be wrong.
I have the hydra nemesis.... It's a great setup, but as it's rather new and un-supported... it's becoming a chore to find a good tuner...
The Link is the current most popular and most tested for the roadster, but it may be getting a little outdated. I have been seeing the AEM and Hydra units getting used allot now, so that is probably the wave of the future. When I upgrade from the piggyback I will most likely go with the AEM.
I realy apriciate all the input .. looks like iam going to do more reaserch with AEM now i guess finding a good tunner is next.
my friend has a AEM for his mr2 and he said it was one of the best standalone he has used.... but if you are on a budget get megasquirt
I believe Matt's running a Hydra on SCC's new project Miata. Seemed to like it.
I believe Matt's running a Hydra on SCC's new project Miata. Seemed to like it.
Didn't the one that got stolen have the AEM?
What are your goals and who will be tuning it?

If you're tuning yourself, I'd probably go Link since there's the most help and biggest knowledge base available. The Hydra should be picking up in base once more users adopt it and since that's what FM is pushing now, it won't be long. If you have any previous experience tuning standalones, you can probably figure it out too.

If you're paying for tuning, it'd depend on what's available to you. AEM will be the most common for people to know, but from what I've seen anyone with AEM experience should be able to figure out a Hydra. In the early years though some AEM tuners couldn't figure out how to make it run on Miatas, but I think with the handful of people now using them successfully there shouldn't be that problem anymore.

I use a TEC3, but I've had it since before AEM and Hydra were available. Actually I had a TEC2 and upgraded to a 3 real cheap (read free). It wasn't the easiest thing in the world to use and learn on, and now the others also have more features. It still gets the job done for me though.
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wow .. learning more and more info about this stand alone .. i guess need you opinion on this .. my base set up is a race header turbo maniflod with a T3/T4 turbo external wastegate ... but again i heard from other forums is that the ECU will make alot of diffrence on BOOst ... again THanks !!
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