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Damnnnnn hype boi ridin' durty!

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Long time no update.

Let's see.

2019, I sold my set of Advan RGIII.

I picked up a pair of 17x7.5 +30 Panasport G7C5C2 and wrapped them in 215/45/17 Bridgestone S007A. I ran those up front with a pair of 17x9.5 Racing Hart CP 035 in 245/40/17 S007A.

I did not like this combination, I love both wheels and love the CP 035 on the S2000 but the C5C2 were never right for the car. The wheel/tire fit also bugged me.

I picked up an absolutely beat carbon fake J's racing hood that I'll eventually fix enough to use (and paint).

Most importantly, I made my engine bay look nice with a new OEM valve cover, APR carbon fibre cover and removing too much battery corrosion.

I also finally completed my set of CP 035. They may not all match in color, but that can easily be changed.

Less than four months after receiving the G7C5C2, I sold them to end the season.

I then bought (and immediately refinished) a pair of 17x10 +45 Advan Model T7, they inherited the 245/40/17 S007A from the CP 035. To run in front with those, I acquired a pair of 17x9 +42 (effectively +39 after the 3mm spacer I use with them) Watanabe RS Racing, using the old 215/45/17 from the Panasports.

To begin 2020, I mounted those wheels. Something look way, way off to my eye so I lowered the car more and found satisfaction with them.

I then also lowered my daily on Swift Springs and Koni Orange.

It is a very minimal lowering, but I'm happy with it. Car life is good, even as the world burns around it.

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