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Hey y'all!

I just picked up my 2nd Miata after 11yrs out of the chassis. My first was a clapped out NA that I did nothing good to, and this NB1 will be a project of a different sort. I made an entry post for my old NA, but it seemed fitting to reintroduce myself.

I'm from AZ, and had a buddy in CA needing to liquidate his collection, so this 1999 NB1 became mine. It's been sitting for a year, and is pretty rough, but a fun project it will be. He said he thought it was low on power when parked, and my compression test this morning confirmed that.

#1 180psi
#2 110psi
#3 55psi
#4 95psi

Leak down test will tell more, but I'm hoping it's just top end.

Anyway, I'm exited to turn this into a fun little weekend cruiser for some of the canyon roads out this way!

Thanks for having me.

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