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Hey guys, figured I'd introduce myself this time around. I owned an NB miata for a few months a while back when my civic was stolen. Got the civic back from insurance and decided to let the miata go. Fast forward a little bit, decided it was wise to get out of hondas while living in Charlotte, so I tore up the streets in a Ford Festiva!! Haha! Anyway, after 3 festivas I really wanted to get into something newer, more comfortable/stylish, and something with a/c. Sold my latest festiva about 2 weeks ago and started searching around. I have an inherent love for small cars so obviously I was looking at any miatas for sale. Lucked up and found a decent one at auction! It's a 2000 Se Mahogany Mica, 6spd, hardtop, etc, etc. Needs a little bit of work, but nothing too major. I basically got it for what I sold the festiva for, so I'm pretty happy about that. I still have to pick it up, but here's one pic I have of it so far (the passenger side is damage free, so that's the pic you get:lol:)

Would love to hear any advice, words of wisdom, anything you wanna throw my way about these cars. I'm not into racing or anything of that nature, so this is strictly gonna be my daily driver. I do plan on different wheels and suspension though
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