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Magnaflow has expanded their offerings of replacement catalytic converters for Miatas thru 2005, and we have recently finished bringing them all in-house.

Universal vs Direct Fit: We now have these two fitment options to offer. Direct fit can be bolted up in your driveway. Universal needs to be welded in and most probably needs a muffler shop to install, however it’s cost is lower.

48 State vs CA+NY States: New regulations for NY mean cars registered in that state must follow CA’s CARB standards. Everyone outside CA+NY can buy the 48 State products.


Further differentiation for NB Miatas is the car’s Emissions sticker/build. All cars leaving the factory were given either the Federal emissions sticker or the CA emissions sticker. For cars in the 48 States (NOT CA+NY) to keep the car running right, you need to check your Miata’s emissions sticker under the hood and purchase based on the build.


If you have any questions, please let me know! Thanks for reading!
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