new daily driver :) 99rs gc8

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traded my 95m for is so much better to drive then a miata everyday. now i can haul stuff and more then one person can ride with me :) but my 93 owns the subaru muahahaha :) it cant hang with my 93 well at all.
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nice new whip! Looks like you can also enjoy it on the backroads out there too!

Have you taken off-road yet? When I look at your new gc8, it reminds me of the GRM project they currently have.
not yet it needs some TLC and new tires before any off road action. can you post a link to the GRM project i tired to look for it but i did not find it.

what i want to do is get the RS in good running order and pick up some suspension upgrades and some enkei rc-g4 wheels with a good set of tires and call it a day for the suby. the inside is nice in the suby since i got wrx rear seats and wrx 6 dics cd changer :p
you should see whats to come

Nice daily driver. My buddy Maximo has a 2.5RS+T that he just put a 2.5L STi short block in. It's running Link EMS and some other goodies. It's a very fun car. I know you were asking about that hood scoop on the white hard top from carview in my earlier thread but I never got around to asking him more details. How did you end up doing yours? What are your impressions?
i am really happy with the vent i have pulls in alot of air and works well. the only thing i want to do is put a scoop over it...trying to cut the hole was the worst part about the entire thing but it turned out alright :p i have some plans for a scoop using more subaru parts just gotta figure out how to make it work ;)
here are some engine bay shots while we are talking about my miata

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