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Names Thomas, 21 year old law student and in to cars for quite some time.
First car was this '90 Toyota MR2 SW20 NA (156hp)

And yes this in 'The Ring' :mrgreen:

Was a great car but it had it's problems, wanted something more reliable with less things to worry about, and more tossable/leighter also. My father already bought a 2002 NB-FL (with only 8k miles on it :eek:) so this got me thinking more about Mazda's little roadster.

Found a '93 1.6 NA at a Mazda dealership wich was just traded in on a NC from the first owner. Just had its service done and looked quite sharp (accept the wheels wich were extremly dirty). Had a hardtop, power steering and electric windows and that was about it. It had 81k miles (130k Km's) when I bought it. Didn't took me long te change some thinges to my likings.
Went from this, bone stock:

To this:

Koni yellow + HKS springs, painted the daisys, sticker on the side, Mono Prototipo, wrapped the doorpanels and dash in alcantara and some minor things.
I'm trying to go for a more oldskool look (british roadsters from te '60's-'70's)

Love how it handles on the koni's, sporty yet more comfortable.

Next up are the brakes and a nice rollbar and maybe wheels (15inch).
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