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I've been reading in these Miata forums for almost a decade now. This is my 3rd Miata that I've owned personally. My dad turned me on to miatas when I was a kid going with him to autox in his Jackson Racing SC Miata.
I had a 96 with a fully built motor and FFS coldside SC
I had a 90 budget turbo build making 225whp
(Bought it that way) and I sold that for the car I have now...
95 M-Edition

The turbo car had way too many problems so instead of fixing it I decided it would be better just to start fresh and build it myself. As is the car has:
Some kind of aftermarket exhaust
Hyundai paint
Raceland Primo coilovers
Rota wheels
NRG quick release
Fake Nardi steering wheel
OEM hardtop

I got a pretty good deal on this car considering it has a hardtop and the torsen already. The rear main seal leaks badly but all in all she's a strong little Miata with low miles and compression is approx 150 on all cylinders.

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