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Whats up guys,
Im Joey. I have been on here for quite a while but have never properly introduced myself so here we go. I started a build thread but sadly so far there is not much to show. Let me start of by saying its super refreshing coming to this forum from spending countless hours on the Z31 forums. It is basically like (super informative not knocking) but with that being said once the small amount of z31 owners started stretching tires and going low people made sure to speak up. After I got tired of fixing the Z I parted it and I got my miata in the spring of last year as a 95 R pkg that was missing most of the lips and had a few other little snags that seemed easy to fix for the price. I was honestly hesitant as hell when first getting the car as it is so different than what Im used to but I honestly cant get enough of it now.
So far I have only done a couple things cosmetics wise, and have been getting the PITA stuff out of the way like bushings and I just ordered FM Frame rail braces. After only putting minimal money in to it so far and mostly just time i am so stoked on this car.
SO just wanted to say Hi and that Im super stoked on this forum and miatas in general.
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