New in Atlanta

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Hello! I'm Cameron, and live just north of Atlanta. I just picked up my Miata this morning. It's a white '90 5 speed.

Seems to be pretty clean overall, the only problem seems to be an issue with the brakes. The previous owner said he just had the brake booster replaced, and that the brakes just need to be broken in. I'm not so sure that's correct, it feels to me like power brakes aren't working at all, I have to push really hard to stop at all.

Anyway, I'm interested in getting into some kind of racing. Whether that's just track days, or Autocross, or Spec Miata. That whole arena is pretty confusing though, so I honestly have no idea how to get into it. But, I got a car, so that's a start!
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Might be some air bubbles in the brake lines. Welcome!
+1 on the +1 and checking out
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