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Hey all,

Long time miata fan, but new owner. Been taking my folks NA for years whenever i could get the chance, and now that my best friend bought, and we built up a 90 NA, I couldn't resist. Picked up a 93 with 132K about a week and a half ago. Some lite rust (barely showing) in rear quarters in front of rear wheels like all the other ones you'd see here in the North East. Also has a black primered drivers front fender, and a painted black drivers door from a little sidewipe that happened with PO. Not my DD so will be upgrading/fixing/driving as time goes on. Interior is immaculate, and no modifications other than a kenwood head deck and Nardi Torino wheel with NRG hub. Lowered on some kind of springs; haven't measured drop yet but looks like it's almost 1 3/4 lower next to a friends stock suspension'd NA. It rides/drives almost like stock suspension however.

She's going to be my "fun" car as that's been lacking as of late. A long term subaru project and other cars have left me with boring DD's and I need something to make me smile on the cheap.

Things done so far:

  • Ordered/en route Rota RBs, 15x8 et35; I know heavier than rewinds/panasports but I don't think I'm even going to notice as not intended to be autoX/racecar.... yet.
  • Picked up 205/50/r15 Falken rt615K's
  • Hardtop acquired
  • GV style lip installed (priorities)
Things upcoming in near future:

  • Heading to body shop for quarter repair and respray next week
  • Deciding IF I go roll bar route or not; I know allllll about the debates of safety for these items for a street driven car without a helmet so I'm taking my time here
  • Figuring out forced induction for when I get bored of the slow. In the past one of my friends has an NA that made 214WHP on a tiny Greddy kit and it was the perfect amount of power (1.6L short nose).
  • Coolant reroute, if found to be necessary
Hopefully finding like minded people around there parts, and maybe locally to have some laughs with when time allows. Been big in the car scene in my earlier years before kids took me away from that for a while. Now that's they're getting a little older I have some time for the garage life again.

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