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So hey there I'm gonna use the rd way of introducing myself here:

I'm damion, I like drifting, I like miatas, my build is a hybrid of saab, ford, subaru, dodge and mazda parts, it should make 11bajion ft/lbs of angry chicken power and doriftu on saturn.

Ok now if you lasted through the short version and am still interested here's the real story:

Growing up I used to help my pops fix our friends cars. His friends dad had this 90 miata we used to work on and I had learned to drive in. A couple years later at the ripe age of 17 this miata started to burn oil due to a bad scraper ring, and the car ended up in my posesion.

I rebuilt the motor and started to drive my little toy back and forth from estes park to boulder. Got heavy into drifting and tossed a baby turbo (8psi) on it. She blew the headgasket and I pushed it into a corner and forgot about it for a while.

I started working at a saab shop as an apprentence and discovered just how fast saabs can be. Then I discovered that a saab weighs almost twice what a miata does so an evil idea started spinning in my head.

So the build plan:
-Saab b234r fully built
-Clean the engine bay as much as I can get away with while still keeping it easily repairable (I hate the saved bays where you have to tear 3/4s of the interior out to change a hose, been there done that not for me)
-ford t5 gearbox
-sti rearend
-gutted, cage, aero kit, basically everything else that comes with building a race car.
-and I have been slowly learning to make carbon fibre parts so expect a lot of those. :)

Lol sorry for the long post and story I hate spamming posts to talk about my builds. I'll get around to posting the build here at some time but the on going build is over on roadster drift.

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Helluva plan you've got worked out. Would loooove to see progress shots as it comes along.

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