New member from oxnard,CA

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Hi, so uh someone left me a card on the window at my school (CSUCI) and I came by to check the site out. I've been on though i never posted and well after looking through some posts i recognize some cars from school. I have a 2006 NC Black sport miata with an automatic transmission :( . My parents were too afraid to get me a manual. So i have big interests in autox and other racing but i guess ill have to look for a used NA to do that stuff. the manual mode works pretty good though on the auto trans.
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Welcome.. i used to live in the OX.. How's La Colonia these days haha.
That would be me who left the card and welcome to the forums.
Hey guys do you want to schedule a club meeting somewhere around?
I live in Thousand Oaks (91320) and I bet there are member in the valley area too...
I always want to go to the KINO meeting but drive 100miles in rush hour traffic just doesn't justify it :(
Welcome to Club Roadster!!!

The automatic NC would be nice as your daily...but definitely get a cheap NA (in manual, of course) & have your fun...^-^
Welcome to the site, MrMx5!

Glad to have you aboard.

Pos some pics in your personal gallery.
Oxnard here, too!!
Would be interested in a miata meet here in the Ventura county area.
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