New member from Vancouver, BC

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Hey all,

I own a 02 NB, and joining from Vancouver BC.
I have a feeling Ill be the only one from Canada. Im also on Roadsterdrift as well. I have been joining more international clubs because the clubs in Vancouver are a small bunch, and since Ill be attending many of the track and drift events down south in the states, I might as well get acquainted with the culture outside of Canada.

I like to drift as well as autocross my car, and 07 summer, Ill be attending many of Pacific raceway track events with a number of my friends.

If anyone is around my area let me know, maybe we'll attend a few track events together!

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I think there are a few Canucks on here!

The Skyline looks great too!
I am here and agree about the local Clubs (hey wait a minute, I am past Prez of one of those Clubs :) )
Another newbie from Vancouver here, also a member of Vancouver Miatas.

I attend auto-x events occassionally and hope that I could have enough time (and money) to prepare for some track days next year.
Mine is a green '97, got it in April this year and it's pretty much stock.

Nice to meet y'all. :eek:
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Yo Beck&Kspec what's up.

There seems to be a few people from Vancouver on here now.
<---- vancouver bc right here. (richmond to be more specific)

btw, there are couple people in van that are really into miatas.

maybe we can add eachother on msn or something so we can plan track events together.

my msn is

[email protected]


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Welcome. Nice ride. All you peeps from Vancouver need to park your cars in the Club Roadster Garage. It appears that you guys are forming a critical mass. When the weather clears next Spring you should all plan local Club Roadster events like meets or drives and post back pics and stories.
Yo Beck&Kspec what's up.

There seems to be a few people from Vancouver on here now.
u bet man, gotta represent the w49! :mrgreen:
I only found out about this club a few days ago... looks like a nice place to hang around! (lots of nice and clean rides too!!!)

tnkw, I'm also from Richmond man.

As for pictures of our local meets and cruises, check out the Vancouver Miatas gallery and forum.

but for sure it'll be cool to have Club Roadster meets in the future. =D>
i'm here, never fear. looks like spike got most of the gang here
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