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1994 Laguna Blue R-package
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Hey all, I'm a long time occasional lurker that finally made an account. I moved from LA to Detroit a little over a year ago - it's been tough to lose the incredible SoCal roadster community, especially when there's not much to replace it with here. I figured this would be a good way to get some Miata community back in my life outside of RVMP.

I've got a '94 Laguna Blue R-package that I've had since April 2017, it has just over 199K miles. I've been building it into my ideal street-driven, driver-focused machine sticking mostly with period parts, but with some good modern enhancements to come in the suspension department. I've also been keeping my modifications reversible given the low production numbers of this color/package combo.
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Some highlights include a M2-1028 steering wheel, shift knob, and e-brake, ARC intake (chamber and induction box), and recent additions of a Beatrush radiator cooling panel and RS Aizawa three-point strut brace that was refinished to match the beatrush panel (still uninstalled, I need to take care of the hard lines on the firewall to get clearance for the bar, any tips on that very welcome).

Some things to come (parts in hand):
  • M2-1028 tombstone and center console carpet
  • NA6 dash swap (to facilitate the above)
  • KG Works ignition panel
  • Omori auxiliary gauges (oil temp, oil pressure, voltage, exhaust temp)
  • oil filter relocation (make oil changes cleaner, allow for an oversize filter, and give me sensor ports for the oil gauges)
  • replace radio with small, aux-enabled amplifier
  • Nagai Ultra Clubman tachometer (I nabbed one off YAJ, new in box!, but still need to get the manual translated before I even think about starting this)
  • Maruha timing cover (will come with the next timing belt/water pump service)
  • suspension overhaul
  • seats (still debating b/w Corn's or restoring the originals)
  • door cards (just want to make cleaned up versions of OEM - no pockets, smaller door pull, door latches could probably use an overhaul, or replacement with something fun)
  • soft top replacement
  • wheels (SSR Mk.II, Hayashi Racing Street ST, etc.)

Sorry for the long-winded intro. If you want, you can find me on IG under the same username. Happy to be here!
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