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Hello everyone, my name is Lionel and I am 27 years old from Belgium

Here is my new toy a miata 1800cc BP then announced a 131 hp.
This is an import US (Canada) a real miata it totals 89,000 miles and for years now its 17 years on the clock is still doing very well I think.

I already bought the vehicle with many parts and some still in boxes.

for what is mounted or not;

motor (completely original). Magnaflow exhaust line (a remodifier because really too noisy) and MAZDASPEED filter.
I must also get a lightened flywheel and clutch cusco strengthened.

Suspension tein mono-flex is already installed and the silent blocks and reinforced bars bigger stab.

Inside, a 6 point Cusco roll cage took place with style and a short shift lol

Outside, a Garage Vary front lip spoiler and a rear KG Works.

A small motor preparation prevail over time or with atmospheric camshafts and ITB preparation or a turbo you will see in the budget and my mood.

This has been achieved in the last:

I set up 4 bbs hovering.
Then I removed the entire air conditioning system and the airbag system, I removed the EGR valve and that's all I think.

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