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Im new

traded my drift car 90 240sx

for a 90 1.6 miata
open diff

well here is the story

the miata has been sitting in a coworkers yard for 3 years - interior wrecked
previous ,previous owner = nerd has motorcycle exhaust in the middle of the rear bumper (dual tip - so lame)
I want to replace it with a straight pipe from a high flow cat (thoughts?)
i have no center console
no shift boot no ac vents
so i need to buy all of those parts
its spray painted flat black

The reason it has been sitting for so long is because of this he bought it from a friend to help him out and he planned on working on it with his girlfriend at the time to make it a bass competition car - odd if you ask me
Well they broke up before he could start so he didn't bother with it well his gf as of now does not want him to work on it because it could remind him of her. so it sat in his yard for three years

brought it to my shop and it fired up amazingly and idled perfect - better than any car i have ever owned.
so we replaced all the seals and filters now she runs like a champ (tell you the truth i am totally shocked)

I traded him my urban camo 240sx - I drift (hope i dont get flamed)

My car is getting a real paint job in a few weeks I traded a 240 sx shell for it (black)

I would like to :
2.5" - 3" pipe from high flow cat (unless you guys have a better more hp gaining idea)
welded diff (thoughts\opinions? - common amongst 240 guys i have no idea here)
roll bar\cage
beef up other suspension parts (i have to research more)
I think its a factory lip
wantanabe rims

there is a pic of a car that i would like to find again but its exactly what i want my car to look like - its a white na hardtop on black wantanabes (i think)

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Welcome to!

You won't get flamed on here! There are quite a few drifters, as well as current and former 240 owners on here.

There is a lot of good information on here for the things you are planning for your Miata.

Sit back and enjoy the site and don't forget to fill out your car's info in the Garage section and post pics in your Personal Gallery, located in you personal preferences portion of your profile.
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