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just got my miata yesterday!

guy was asking 2400 got it for 2100!

super clean, 93"

the miata is going to be my daily next to my RX8

my brother [he has the 2011 Subaru] trying to fit!

So far here is the list of mods i would like to do
-15x8 +0 offset wheels [most likely reps since it will be my daily]
-Drilled/slotted rotors/pads
-GV Lip
-Hard-Dog Roll bar w/Harness Bar
-4 Point Harness
-Nardi Steering wheel
-NRG quick Release
-Full LED swap
-Full Exhaust
-Bikini Top
-Short Throw Shifter [not sure if theres a recommended brand]
-Bucket Seats
-Double Din Radio/navi
-New Speakers/Sub Box
-Broadway Mirror
-Voodoo Shift knob
-LED Footwells
-ViperAlarm w/remote Start/Motion Sensor/Tilt Sensor [have to figure out how to retrofit powered door locks since mine is manual]
-Leather wrap dash cover/dash trim

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panorama city, near noho and mission hills area.

but i work out in northridge.

i used to meet up with the MOCC guys when they had their Wednesday meets in the target parking garage.

i had a meet going out in reseda for the rx8 but that died when we could not meet up.

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Welcome to CR bro!!!

Good goals looking forward seeing that happen..

I stay at No Ho man same White miata haha
yup. only had the car for a couple weeks and already have
Stainless Miata Door stills
broadway mirror
voodoo shift knob
new drilled/slotted rotors/pads
APR carbon mirrors
Hard Dog roll bar M1
Sony 6.5 4 way speakers
Ebay Shorty Antenna
TopSpeedPro Exhaust
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