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Discussion Starter · #1 · (Edited) is proud to finally offer stripes custom-designed for the NC. We're coming out of the gate with 3 new designs for you to choose from.

NC Type 1:

I'm particularly excited about this one. looks familiar. It's an interpretation of the rocker stripes that were featured on the NC Spyder concept in Mazda's booth at SEMA this year. This is also our first 2-color design. You can specify whichever colors you want for the top and bottom stripes. Since it's a 2-color design, it's slightly more expensive than the standard 1-color stripes. But at just $126 plus shipping it's still a bargain.

NC Type 2:

My NC Type 2 stripe is a derivative of the Modern Mazda style that I make for the NA and NB. It’s slightly angled and contoured to the awesome curved door shut line of the NC. The Modern Mazda logo is placed forward of the door hinge line instead of on the door, as well. Single color stripe = single color price!

NC Type 3:

The NC Type 3 design is completely unique. It’s got lines inspired by shapes Mazda has been using on some of their more progressive concepts and one-offs and they suit the NC rocker panel area nicely. I can do custom text or logos in place of the “MX-5″ that appears in the knocked-out arch of this design. For example, you may want the “Mazda” logo or “Roadster” script there, instead.
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