new roadster to the site :)

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well i found this nice site the other day, so here i am. my name is Tyler i live in ohio, and here is my car..

im on roadsterdrift and ohiodrifting as well as several others, this excludes old guys there piss me off when they complain about ruff ride w/ just eibach sport springs :(
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welcome, im sure you will like this site, we are a much younger mindset. 8)

Welcome Tyler. We are younger in mindset if not bodies.
I am originally from Ohio, and will return there when I retire.
4 more years!!!
Welcome aboard, Tyler-san!

Great pics. I love those wheels. What kind/size are they?

BTW, do you know the early R.E.M. song "Cuyahoga"? (One of my favorite songs by them.)

Have fun!

Welcome 8) 8) 8)
Welcome- and what offset are those rims????

BTW- does your name imply your have a JDM'd Sol too?
Did you buy that car from a guy named rob? I swear it looks just like my best friend's cousins car. He just had a kid so he had to sale the car.
jesseclee said:
Welcome- and what offset are those rims????
also what do you use for turn signals?
ya i got it from rob in CT- real nice guy. the wheels are from the early 80's there srr hero v-1 3pcs, 15x8 w/ a +15 offset. im getting work equip 03s soon- 15x8 0 offset! it has a lot done to it when i got it but, right now i have a 1.8 from a 96M waiting to go in once all the stuff i ordered comes in off back order. planing stance coilover( shortstroke) the wheels and several other things...1900lbs is the plan w/ 200 bhp ( itb's cams and 11:1) but thats down the road a bit

its nice to meet all of you.
o ya i had a del sol VTEC befor the miata, i did not want to sell it but i needed to pay off me credit card. here are some pics of my baby...

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I gotta say your Miata is probably my favorite...
You've scored kudo's in my book for not ricing out your honda. Welcome to the forum!
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