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Tein has just released the new Street Basis coilovers. These replace the discontinued "Basic" model. The current price is under $700 shipped.
The Street Basis is a twin tube design, valved for sporting street use. These are not valved for huge soft compound tires and competition. Expect ride quality a little better than stock even when lowered, much improved handling.

These can be run from .2" drop to 2" drop on the NA's and 2.5" drop on the NB's. The Basis are designed to use your OEM mounts. We added the option of NB mounts for those of you with NA's that want that extra bump travel.

Improvements over the discontinued Basics are:

Non-welded ZT coated adjustment tube
Full length dust boots
1 piece alloy spring seat with Delrin thrust washer (nice!)

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