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Tein just released the new Street Flex to replace the outgoing Flex model.

These are an ideal coilover for the driver that does some autocross or track days but wants to be able to turn the damping down for daily driving. We have raced on the old Tein Flex with good results so we know these will be even more competent. They're not as plush or capable as Xidas but they are $1000 cheaper :)

Differences between the discontinued Flex and new Street Flex:

Street Flex (new)
-Almost double the damping range of the old model allows even stiffer springs for track use
-40mm lower minimum ride height possible.
-Steel pillow ball upper mounts
-Stroke Front 93mm, Rear 87mm
-Damping adjustment affect rebound and compression
-New lower price (isn't that nice of them?)

Flex (discontinued)
-Aluminum pillow ball upper mounts
-Damping adjustment affects rebound only

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