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Hi guys-I'm Bob and I'm new here with just what the world needs- another red Miata! It's a 94 with 150,000 miles,Thorsen diff-new timing belt,new brakes,new water pump,all new belts,thermostat,new NGK plugs and wires,7 spoke light rims,adjustable hd sway bars and 8 way KYB shocks. Needs a right front fender,front bumper and seat covers. Just bought some nice 17s' and 205-40x17 tires for it-argent gray centers-looks great on it. I have already done the 14 degree timing bit . I will need lots of help in the future.--o2 designs-Dad-Bob
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Welcome! Don't forget to post pics in the garage :)
What is the 14 degree timming bit? Does it give more power or something?
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