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Hey, whats up everyone. New to this forum, but im not new to cars or forums in general :D
Some of you may or may not have seen me at Nicoclub where iam a fairly active user.
heres my story...

I used to own a beautiful 97 kouki s14 that i had for a little over two years. It was basically stock but with a exhaust, and the all important lsd that i installed myself. But, unfortunately i lost my job and took too long to find another one and had to sell the kouki :(

So the search was on for a new car. I knew that i wanted a s13 240sx or a na/nb miata. But as iam sure most of you know, the search for a clean, un-molested, low mileage s13 for a good price is a daunting-needle in a haystack type of deal (at
least in so-cal :roll: )

So one day i was searching craigslist and found what seemed to be a BS sale. 93 Miata with 91k orignal miles form the original owner for 1600!! I decided to take my chances and called the guy up. It was for real! So i hoped in my buddys s13 that ive been borrowing and hauldass down to LA. After checking it out I knew it was going to be my next car. I quickly gave the guy a deposit, and picked it up the next day :D

So now I got this clean as hell miata with hopes of making it a daily driver that i can take to amatuer auto-x's and hpde's. I've been somewhat involed in motorsports, as i work as a pitcrew member part-time on my buddies team in the Champ Car Atlantic series. I started in 05 when it was the Toyota Atlantic series with the 4age powered Swift 0.14a chassis. now its the Mazda Atlantic series with the cosworth powered Swift 0.16a chassis. For those that are unfamiliar with the Atlantic series, its a open wheel forumla class that is basically the stepping stone to Champ Car.

I've lurked around on this forum for quite some time, and felt i should make a account and introduce myself. From what I've seen here I can tell that the members here are genuine enthuisest focused more on fun than flaming. I hope to have a long history with this forum as i do on Nicoclub. Thanks for having me aboard :D

lol sorry for the long read on with the pics and spec!!

So like i said, its a 93 that i bought off the original owner that only put a little over 91k miles on it. Near perfect interior and exterior. It has all of its maintnance records including a new timing chain assembly at 75k miles. Before i bought it it had been in storage for the past three years with a new softtop and tires. When we finally pulled it out from hibernation it started right up. After we let it run for awile we turned it off and checked the fluids. The oil was a beautiful clear amber color, and the coolant was a sexy green. My friend turned and whispered to me "your practically stealing this car!"

hahaha well thanks for reading my post, i know its kinda long.
fell free to give me some feedback, both good and negative


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Welcome to, Cody...and may I say, what a CLEAN car you've got there!

I think I remember seeing that car on Craigslist...thought about buying it myself! But, congratulations to you!

I don't make it out to the KINOD too much, and have never been to Odd Sunday yet. But, hope to see you around!

Like a few have already said, this will be your new addiction...everytime I go online, even to just check email, I can't seem to not log-on here even for a few minutes! LOL

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