new user from hk!

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hey all,
after buying the car from a disastrous state, car has finally become to look all decent..

Updated pics!

*Original Post
this is when i first bought it...
came with almost nothing stock.. pay attention to the ridiculous wheels and fronts..

it took almost half a year, after fiddling this and that and recently it looks like this:

and today, with a bit of stickers inspired from all these forums!

thanks for looking and still need spacers up front!
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ahah awesome to find that post. Really like how you car turned!!!

Look at how my car was when I found it in the south of China. Ugly bodykit (same as your I guess :mrgreen: ), fake carbon stickers on the trunk and hood, 17 inches wheels :fp: and the huge dual exhaust. :roll:

Check this out:

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mazda Mazda mx-5

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Convertible Vehicle registration plate

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Wheel

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hood Bumper

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hood Bumper

I took off the bodykit already and am getting the car repainted. Changed wheels already and then will be able to finally introduce the car. :D
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