Newb from North Carolina.

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Hey guys, Just wanted to make alittle intro thread...

Im from Hickory, NC

Just switch game from the Nissan crowd over to the miata world. And I must say. I was blown away how the miata handles and drives. Love the switch. Would I dare say....I wouldnt go back over to the Nissan crowd.

Here is how she looked when I bought her...


Bought it from a guy who was planning on painting it. So that is black primer not "flat black".
The motor had been replace with a lower mileage 1.6.

Already had Koni Adj. Struts on there which were in great shape. So decided to order Koni sleeve kit matched with Stance 8k/6k combos. Ride is great. Planning to turn her into a weekend drift car of course.

Bought some run of the mill XXR on 195/50/15
GV lip
And uber cool exhaust tip for just the cool factor until I upgrade.

How she sits right at the moment....(doing more body work and prep for paint)

So my plans for the upcoming months leading to Import Alliance Summer meet are:

Modified Control Arms for that wicked steering angle.
Torsen Lsd
Little maintenance here and there...
Trying to get newer seats for the thing...Tan is soo awful (thinking about recover in black)
Been looking through the tuck thread so might do that...
Debating on going over to 1.8 or just a simple turbo setup with MS since my buddy knows how to play with it pretty well. A modest 160 at the wheels would be fun.

Paint is coming soon guys. I do my own paint and body so the money saved will be going towards something else.

So my opinions so far from jumping from a 240sx over to miata are:

Def....a whole new game. "Does not drift like a s13" nor did I expect it too. Glad to be different then the usual BAAAAZILLLION 240sx at a meet or track event.

Until next time. Thanks guys.
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Looks like you have a good start. I love those wheels!

Did you shoot those pics on the blue ridge?
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